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My first story from Amman

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A new wave of (mostly) peaceful protests across Jordan call for reform

Story by Anthony Savvides and Hanna Trudo // Photos by Nasser Jaber*

AMMAN, Jordan – Protests in the Middle East rarely erupt without violence, but in Jordan, reformers haven’t been as quick to pick up arms. Counter to the uprisings in neighboring countries, Jordan’s protests related to political reform have produced relatively low death counts and almost no hand-to-hand combat between agitators and police.

While things could still turn violent here, experts believe that the relative peace is due to the country’s collective support of King Abdullah II – the leader who continues to remain popular with the majority of 6 million Jordanians.

“[King Abdullah] has a manhood, and the people here love him. He has popularity,” said Shorouq AlShawabkeh, a 22-year-old native Ammani studying civil engineering at the University of Jordan. “Some leaders are just loved by the people. People are influenced by him.”

Protesters on May 15 in Ramallah, a Palestinian city in the central West Bank. Protestors were hit with tear gas, even though they say they were peaceful as they marched.

In Egypt, more than 846 people have died in protests since the revolution there began in January. Syria’s deaths have totaled roughly 453, followed by more than 300 in Libya and 219 in Tunisia. Jordan, a strategic location sharing a border with Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon, has reported deaths that only total in the low double digits.

In Jordan, protests generally fall into two categories: those that reflect Jordanians’ call for political reform and an end to corruption in the king’s court, and; those that call for the Palestinians to recover their homeland, what is now known as the West Bank.

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Written by AESavvides

May 23, 2011 at 9:18 pm