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While I showered at 3 a.m., between transcribing an interview and responding to a slew of emails from the states, I couldn’t help but wonder about the severe water crisis in Jordan. I turned the knob, three times all the way around, before any water came out of the showerhead. And when the water finally made its way out, it was a mere dribble. As it splattered onto the shower floor, I stepped under the weak stream of water, and even though the knob I turned was on the right, for hot water, it was ice cold on my skin.

I began to lather up, quickly, as I couldn’t bare the cold for too long. All around me, lining the bathtub, were a variety of buckets, all different sizes. They must be there, strategically placed, to catch the excess water, I thought. Water in this country is a precious resource. Let me try that again: water, on our lovely blue little planet called Earth, is a precious resource. I don’t think some people realize that.

I was in and out, drying off with a towel, within 6 minutes. Many of the buckets around me collected some water, most of it soapy. But I think that’s the point, for my host mother to recycle this water that would otherwise be pouring down the drain. Most nights, there is a towel or tablecloth soaking in the large, round blue bin that can always be found in the bathtub. I feel blessed to live in a place where I don’t worry about running or drinking water on a daily basis, but living in a place where I do has changed that. I will now take shorter showers, and make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of water that I use, and more importantly, that I waste. We do all share this planet, after all.


Written by AESavvides

June 7, 2012 at 9:50 am

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