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Been a long time gone…

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Sorry for the week off.  I didn’t intend it.

After landing back at JFK airport last Monday, the 13th, my brother was waiting outside terminal 2D in his white Volvo, illegally parked in a “no standing” zone, naturally.  My friends Morgan and Charles came for the ride, and we somehow managed to pack all of our luggage into the trunk.  One piece- Morgan’s huge North Face- sat on Charles and her laps in the backseat.  And we were off, to the Belt Parkway, on our way home.  I can’t believe I have been here for a week already- my time with the J19 in Istanbul feels as though it were ages ago.

The following morning I had to take my computer to Apple (again) for more repairs.  I suppose my technological stumbling blocks serve as nice bookends for my time abroad with the Dialogue of Civilizations program.  A few moments ago, a week after dropping off my precious slab of metal, the doorbell rang.  I hurriedly bounced up the steps and saw the purple shirt through the glass panes of the front door: FedEx was at my doorstep with my laptop, fully repaired.

I signed for the package and (gently) tore open the box.  It felt like Christmas in June.  Under some foam lining and more foam lining, my laptop rested, neatly tucked away.  Instinctively, I turned it on right away.  I feel like I have been so disconnected without it.  After traveling with it by my side for more than five weeks, one week at home with no outlet felt like eternity.  And it felt so wrong.  I haven’t been able to really check my email and, more importantly, to blog.  I have missed it here, but I’m happy to be back now.

More to come later, off to a job interview now!  (Wish me luck)


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June 22, 2011 at 1:54 pm

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