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Only hours remain, but much work still to be done

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Well, here I am, on the verge of the end and still scrambling.  I feel like a crazy person, with my notebook, pencils and loose scraps of paper on which I have scribbled names, phone numbers or interview notes fluttering around me as I frantically tap away at my keyboard.  I am currently working on my final (and only) 2 stories from Turkey.  The first, which I believe I have now officially completed (just waiting to hear back from either Geoff or Carlene, now…) about the mosaics and restoration of Hagia Sophia, and the other about Turkey’s bid to enter the European Union.

Kaileigh, Rob, Catherine, Michele, Ryan, Erin and Ally, all hard at work on our final night (morning) in Istanbul.

I am exhausted; I have had 2 hours of sleep in the last 52 hours– not great, or healthy– by any means.  My room service just arrived- a plate of french fries, at 2:30 am- and I am surrounded by my peers.  Kaileigh, Rob, Ryan, Catherine, Michele, Erin, Jess, Ally, Catherine and I are all working on our final news packages.  Erin, Ally, Ryan and Michele are just here for moral support; they are all *lucky enough to be done with their work here.

Jessica edits video for her final news package, which will be about the parliamentary elections in Turkey on June 12.

*I’m not sure if it’s quite luck, though.  Maybe they’re just better reporters, and were able to pull their stories together at a faster pace.  Maybe I need to take notes on their outstanding performance throughout this program.  Truly remarkable work they have done over the last 5 weeks.  View examples of all of those stories here, Michele’s here, Erin’s here and Ally’s here.

Ally plays disc jockey for the night, entertaining all of us reporters as we work hard to complete our stories. We've come to call her DJ Legend.

I’ll keep this short, since I have much to do between now and takeoff from Ataturk International Airport at 12:15 pm.

Many more posts to come, recapping more of the trip.  Whether or not those go up while I am still actually overseas remains to be seen, but I am doing my best.  I also have a few drafts of random thoughts that need completion.  Keep an eye on this blog in the next 2-3 days…


Written by AESavvides

June 13, 2011 at 1:09 am

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