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It’s been a busy day for us…

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Lots of new content has been posted to the main site, today.  Michele’s wonderful story about the dancing, whirling dervishes went up here.

You can also take a look at Fernanda’s beautifully written profile of a jeweler in the Grand Bazaar here.  Jess and Rob filmed a video news package about tomorrow’s election, which you can view here.  In addition to these wonderful stories, please visit the main site here to read the entire catalog of our work, both from Jordan and Turkey.  Catch up quickly, though, for many more articles will be published before we leave on Monday.

In addition to the wonderful work of my colleagues, today has been a busy day for me, as well.  I ran around this morning, scrounging up last-minute interviews for my stories about the Hagia Sophia and Turkey’s bid to enter the European Union.  Later on in the afternoon, while I worked feverishly on my upcoming story about the Hagia Sophia in the hotel lobby, Lila and I were treated to this impromptu rap performace by Fernanda, with Kailegh providing the beat:


Written by AESavvides

June 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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