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One (final) night in Amman

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After returning to Amman from Salt, I was able to observe national pride, as it was Jordan’s independence day.  Everyone in the city was happy, flying the flag and parading down the streets.  Helicopters and jets flew over the city throughout the day and shook the city.

This man paraded through the traffic, handing out Jordanian flags to anyone with an open window.

A few gentlemen enjoying the night at Strand Cafe with some narghile and a game of cards.

I went to Strand Café in Shmeissani, where Lauryn and I feverishly worked on our story.  We had a great interview with Dr. Tatyana El-Kour, who is the national program officer for health promotion at the World Health Organization in Jordan.


As the day came to an end, I walked up and down the street, where people filled the cafes, celebrating the day with coffee, narghile and music. It seemed that everyone in Shmeissani was out there.  I returned to my homestay around 2am, and spent most of the early morning packing.

As the dark night became morning, I noticed a man walking up and down the street washing all of the cars.  How kind of him.  He reminded me of my dad who, if he had the time, would wash every car in our neighborhood.  It’s something that has always been a relaxing hobby of his, and this man must feel the same way.



A man on the street washing each and every parked car, one by one. What a nice gesture.

He didn't miss a single spot.











Amman,  I will miss you.

A view of Amman from the laundry room in my homestay. The sun rose on my final morning in Amman.


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June 6, 2011 at 6:41 pm

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